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[ANGEL TAROT] A Blurb About My First Deck!

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  • [ANGEL TAROT] A Blurb About My First Deck!

    This was the first deck I acquired. I did purchase it myself. At the time I had no idea there were some who thought you weren't allowed to buy your own decks, etc. I don't believe in that anyway; I feel magic, and I consider tarot a form of magic, has to be personal and there is nothing more personal than purchasing ingredients and tools that matter to you and you have a connection with.

    I purchased this deck because I used one belonging to someone else (might have been my mom's) and found I had a gift for reading. It took a while, but eventually I had the urge to buy the deck for myself and took off from there! I just searched my Amazon order history and found it was late June 2014 so I've almost had this deck for 4 years exactly! What a powerful month for me then!

    I've acquired other decks and have stepped away from using Angel Tarot for a bit, but I always keep it near, cleanse it semi-regularly and draw a couple cards now and again just to feel like I'm keeping the connection alive.
    I found that I depended on the little blurb-descriptions that are on the cards more than I liked and they are a little difficult to ignore so that is part of the reason I started using other decks. I wanted to read intuitively, which I found works best for me and I my "clients".
    The imagery is beautiful and... well... angelic. I'm a pisces and have always had a connection to Water and what it represents in tarot and magic so my favorite suite is Water, which is most other decks is Cups.
    Angel Tarot deck case Some of my favorite major and minor arcana cards from Angel Tarot
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