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[PENNY DREADFUL TAROT] My Second Deck - Confusion to Beauty

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  • [PENNY DREADFUL TAROT] My Second Deck - Confusion to Beauty

    So after I got my first deck, the Angel Tarot, and was really getting into doing readings, my mom and step-dad got me this deck as a gift. We were all fans of the Showtime series, Penny Dreadful.
    If you've never heard of it, or watched it, check out the Wikipedia page: Penny Dreadful (TV Series)

    In that series, Vanessa Ives, portrayed by actress Eva Green, is the main character, is a witch going through a lot of struggle with dark forces and adversaries. The tarot deck is meant to be the deck that Vanessa uses. When I got the deck, the excitement was quickly suppressed by the fact that I didn't yet know the meanings of tarot cards in any form and the imagery made no sense to me.
    As a result, I have only ever pulled these cards out to play with them and show people. It wasn't until just before I started this post today and sorted through the deck to find my favorites, now with a better grasp on general tarot card meanings, that I recognized how beautiful the deck is.

    I often worry about freaking people out with tarot readings so I probably will save them for Halloween or something for now, but they are beautiful and I'm glad I have them as part of my collection.
    Penny Dreadul/Vanessa Ives Tarot Book Some of my favorite Penny Dreadul/Vanessa Ives tarot cards

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